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At Body Evolutions we use a complete, holistic approach that gives you the tools you need to reach optimum health and fitness; evolving your health to places you never thought possible! No matter where you are starting from, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get you to your goals! We have been doing this for over 10 years and believe in our system, and if you follow it, we guarantee results!

Our philosophy is multidisciplinary through the use of Structural Integration/ Rolfing, Nutrition. movement and Osteopathic Fasical Visceal release. We believe everyone is unique and individual and because of this you may need something completely different from someone else with the same symptoms or goals. This is why we always fully assess all of our clients on an ongoing basis. This allows us to offer you a highly specific plan so that you may achieve your health and wellness goals!

If you live in Toronto and want to change your life, we urge you to contact us today and begin your journey to where you want to be! No more excuses, delays, or other tactics we all use on ourselves to give us a reason to hold off change. We are here to help, and offer you everything you need to get started.!

Our Fans Testimonials

Working with Xavier has been an absolute gift. He has an exceptional way of assessing complete body mechanics and helping his clients move in ways conducive to building strength and releasing tension.

I came to Xavier Bryon with bilateral knee injuries, unable to walk without pain. Various sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors told me my pain would be chronic. For a former division 1 college athlete, the idea of not participating in the sports I loved was devastating. Within two sessions, Bryon had me walking free from pain. But the benefits of his efforts extended beyond just relieving my injuries. He addressed the poor mechanics that most likely contributed to the injuries. In the process, he improved my stance and my posture. Now I stand taller, breathe easier and sleep better – in addition to walking effortlessly with a renewed feeling of strength in my step. I feel confident in a way I haven’t felt in years – and I know it’s no coincidence all these wonderful changes happened within weeks of working with Xavier Bryon.

His approach is unique and holistic. Xavier Bryon looks at the entire body instead of just addressing the complaint. He has created a friendly, judgement-free space where his clients can grow into more self-assured and relaxed postures. Each week, I looked forward to working with Xavier Bryon because I knew I’d walk away feeling stronger. I could feel the results of a single session even days afterward – muscles just seemed to relax and fall into place. I learned so much from Xavier Bryon, and I look forward to working with him again.

- Alanna G.

Xavier Bryon’s structural integration has been some of the most profound body work I’ve ever experienced. As someone who’s job is intensely physical (full time yoga- instructor) I appreciate Xavier Bryon’s depth of knowledge, his compassion and his holistic approach to healing – combining nuanced and in-depth anatomical understanding with sensitivity to the underlying psychological and emotional tensions that can lay dormant in the body. Xavier Bryon’s touch is strong, intuitive and always informed by the body he is working with. As he likes to say, he is an active ‘listener’ and allows the tissues to guide him- never forcing the body to go where it is not ready or able to go. He has helped me not only on a muscular-skeletal level but has also done fantastic visceral work with my organs that has aided my digestion and helped dissolve impingements and adhesions that have been creating imbalances in my body for years.. Having sampled many different kinds of body work (Osteopathy, Massage, Chiropractics) I can whole-heartedly recommend Xavier Bryon’s approach as an extremely effective way of addressing the root-causes of structural imbalances. Xavier Bryon is also very personable and professional, making him someone I like and trust.

- Jessica Lemon (Yoga Instructor)


A little over 10 years ago my left knee suddenly became very swollen and inflammed.My family doctor sent me to a specialist who scoped my knee and took a sample of the swollen liquid from my knee for analysis.The result of these tests was inconclusive they said it wasn`t gout and it wasn`t arthritis they didn`t know what was causing my knee to swell.The swelling and inflammation caused me a lot of pain and suffering severly limiting my ability to walk any distance and running was out of the question.For the next 10 years I tried everything to get relief from my knee.Physiotherapy,massage,Chinese Traditional Medicine,Accupuncture,Yoga,cupping,reikki,exercise programs,cranial sacrum treatments,osteopathy,heat and cold therapy and homeopathy. Nothing worked until I found Xavier Bryon Brewster and Structural Intergration. After just 3 treatments the swelling in my knee reduced so I could see my knee again instead of puffiness.Most importantly the pain went away and stayed away so for the first time in over 10 years I could go for a walk pain free and even run a little.This was a miracle for me.Today after having finished the treatments for over a month I have been on a very vigorous weight training program at a gym to regain the strength in my left leg and over all body conditioning. This is something I couldn`t even imagine being possible before Xavier Bryon`s treatment.I am making good progress but a knee and leg that for ten years has been under used due to pain becomes extremely weak but I am building it back up pain free.What a miracle !!

As if fixing my knee wasn`t enough I had 2 other notible positive outcomes from Xavier Bryon`s treatment. Over the years I have broken both my collar bones in skiing accidents at different times. As a result whenever I would sleep on my side I would wake up with pain in my chest muscles. Although it would go away after 5-10 minutes if I woke up in the middle of the nite it was a real sleep disturber.After the 6th treatment this problem dissappeared.

Finally I am in my 60`s and for several years now if I sat for a long time driving in the car when I got out of the car my first 5 to 10 steps were like walking in concrete and then I could walk normally again.O well I thought I am getting old what can I do . Well after my 8th treatment the walking in concrete feeling dissappeared and hasn`t returned.So if your thinking about whether or not to get Structurally Integrated I can tell you it has changed my quality of life so much for the better it borders on the miraculous.Go for it !!!!!!!

- R.J.M.
Registered Massage Therapist

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